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I wanted to write a long essay on my personal practice of gratitude but as I'm busy working, I'm going to have to go with something a bit easier to write but no less thoughtful or meaningful for me.

Today, I have gratitude for....

... my best friend, partner and spouse, Chris.

... all the other friends in my life who open their doors and hearts to us.

... for Ali, our 'dolphin kitty' whose dainty face and actions make her so easy to love (and also, to torture as we insist on making her dance around and give her belly rubs whether she wants them or not).

... for Ray, our 22 pound monster cat, who has been looking a bit lost the past couple of weeks and seems to have permanently ensconced himself on the bed.

... for Jack and Floyd, who are now our spirit cats, for the years we had with them, for the memories they left, and for all the love and heartache shared with them.

... for a job that challenges me and helps keep me creative.

... for the place I live - I can't imagine living anywhere else but this part of the world, and can't express enough my love of the seasons, the woods, the water, and the places that we have built so many memories around.

... for where I've been and where I'm going.

... for a good night's sleep, for a productive day, and for a week off from work to be spent with Chris.

... for settling into a long winter, with goals and hopes and dreams for this part of the cycle.

(My entry in this weeks' LJ Idol. There is no voting this week.) 


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